Ford’s Colony neighborhood yard sale!

Ever been to a Ford’s Colony yard sale? Even better, have you ever participated in the Ford’s Colony yard sale? I have had the pleasure of doing both and it can be a lot of fun. You can simplify your life a bit by selling some of your treasures( dust collectors?). Yard sales can be fun whether you are on ‘the hunt’ or you are on a mission to de-clutter!

 The Ford’s Colony Yard Sale will be October 16th at the Historic Triangle Community Center on Waller Mill road if there are enough folks interested in participating. If you have an interest, residents are asked to submit  a check for $20 per table/chairs to the John Pott guardhouse in a self-addressed envelope no later than September 15 th. Please make the check payable to Phyllis Eastman.  If there are not enough participants your check will be returned.   As soon as enough residents have committed to participating, then the building will be rented and your check will be non-refundable. The  directions and table assignments will be posted at the Swim and Tennis Club by September 30. Please do email if you have an interest or call 258-1198.


2 responses to “Ford’s Colony neighborhood yard sale!

    • I agree, howevever, this has been an issue for the Ford’s Colony yard sale for many years. The neighborhood prefers to have it at one central location as opposed to individual homes. While it is a pain to have to pack up your ‘goods’ and haul them somewhere else, it is much easier for the shoppers to be able to go to one location as opposed to winding their way through 3000 acres of the neighborhood.
      They have tried other locations including the DJ Montague parking lot, the Westbury park soccer fields, the Swim and Tennis Club parking lot and of course the Historic Triangle Community Center parking lot. I think it boils down to the fact that parking is going to be an issue no matter what as there doesn’t appear to be a good venue to avoid it. Having the sale outside of the neighborhood helps congestion in the neighborhood for those Ford’s Colony residents that don’t wish to participate.
      Besides, doesn’t it make it more exciting when there are throngs of folks just waiting to get into to find a deal??

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